Postproduction is a choreography of images and sound
that propels the story, engages an audience,
and drives the genre.


Video Post production

Movies (Short/Full Length)

Wedding Film

Music Video

Promo/Advertising film

Song/voice-over Recording

Audio post-production

Sound programming 

Movie background scoring (BGM)



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Recording Artists

Editx Lab
Audio  Production

Not just video editing, you will also find audio recording and mixing facilities here.

Chroma shoot
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Chroma Key

Stooting floor and editing

we shoot and edit chroma key for various projects. take a look--->

                                                    Short Film                                                   


Birthday is a short film to convay a message to society that we should not forget those people especially those children who sleep every night empty stomach. Come forward and help those people. Film credit: Director: Priobrata Paul. ( Cast: Avik Mukherjee, Sridip Kundu, Sreya Chakroborty, Surya Sekhar Ganguly, Sneha, Swarupa, saif, debayan, Antara, Pradipta Victor Mukherjee Special thanks to Chandra Shekhar Kundu (Founder of FEED) for arranging one day's shoot. FEED (Food Education and Economic Development) is a Govt reg NGO. FEED is fighting against hunger for last 6 years by feeding large number of street children every day.

                                                 Music Video                                                    


Music Video

We shoot, We Edit.

Music Video Shooting and editing is done here. 

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Subhajit Banik

Founder, Birdlens creation

Best editing house in kolkata.and timing of delivery is maximum 7day

Editx lab. Contact us 8250323017

Sayantan Kundu

Visual Artist

Best output I have ever got. photo retouching service is also good. most important thing is short time delivery. overall satisfied


Subhankar Debnath

Singer, Zee Bangla

Done so many music projects. very professional sound work. got so much views on youtube. impressive result. now also I'm working with them as well.


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